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KAWS Companion "Passing Through" (Edition of 10)

KAWS Companion "Passing Through" (Edition of 10)

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Over the last two decades KAWS companions have solidified their reputation as must have collectibles. First introduced in 1999 the first Mickey Mouse like Companion figures were originally intended to be a run of eight-inch toys limited to an edition of 500 which sold out almost immediately and soon became highly sought-after by collectors in the art industry and beyond. KAWS Dissected Companions are the strongest examples of his exploration of humanity, merging playfulness with more mature notions of life and death. Establishing him as a uniquely prominent artist and important influence in culture today. The Companions impact on popular culture is noteworthy leading to collaborations with world renown brands including Nike, Uniqlo and inspiring the likes of Kim Jones first Dior Campaign. The figure even replaced the long-standing moon man trophies for the MTV VMA Awards 2013 and has gone to fetch upwards of $100,000 USD at auction. These figures aren't just for purchase as we have seen fluctuating prices that appreciate over time. KAWS The Companion "Passing Through" possesses the artists trademark skull head with crossbones and measures the same size as a real-life child, heightening the characters poignantly human disposition.

This edition was released in 2011, limited to only 10 pieces. KAWS' works have been collected by public collections such as Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, High Museum in Atlanta, Zabludowicz Collection in London, and Rosenblum Collection in Paris.

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