Privacy, comfort, convenience and time saving. Flying private is the most luxurious and flexible way of travelling the globe, your jet can be available at a few hours notice, wait for you if you're running late, and even change flight plans mid-flight if necessary. Whether for business or pleasure, Pastor & Co is on hand at all times to organise your private travel from your door to the tarmac.

Cabin Plan


The cabin has 4 living areas as the basic plan, it holds seating for up to 17 passengers or sleeps 10, and can be opted with 3 living areas if a crew compartment is desired. From focused work to relaxation and sleep, Gulfstream G800 holds an elegant interior with the finest material, surrounds you in comfort and convenience. A 100% fresh air environment, renewed every two to three minutes and purified by the plasma ionisation clean air system, G800’s air is never recirculated and never re-filtered.

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Designed to be the quietest in business aviation, the G800 cabin brings a peaceful environment with 16 panoramic oval windows (the industry's largest). This private aircraft ties you non-stop to more destinations worldwide, as you fly greater distances at max speed you will save time, Gulfstream’s high speed range advantage will save you up to 1.5 hours on flights longer than 6500 nautical miles at max speed of Mach 0.90.


Gulfstream G800

A G800 flight coming from London, England can reach Seattle, Washington in the West, Cape Town, South Africa in the South, and Tokyo, Japan in the East. This private aircraft is a marvel of performance and efficiency, it can fly for a globe spanning 8000 nautical miles at Mach 0.85. Using brand new high thrust Rolls-Royce engines, these industry leaders team up to bring you to new destinations faster whilst decreasing fuel consumption and emissions.

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