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Pastor & Co. are expert curators of the world’s most rare and limited luxury products covering 10 main categories from Art, all the way to Private Jets. No request is too big or small. SneakerPlug is the sister company of Pastor & Co. specialising in curating our ‘hype’ category.

Pastor Brothers

The Pastor brothers were born and bred in London, immersed in the history and tradition of Saville Row tailors and Jermyn Street boot-makers, juxtaposed by exquisite supercars, fine wines and contemporary fashion, art and architecture. The brothers began collecting rare sneakers and their passion and knowledge of authenticity led them to curating exclusive sneakers, apparel and accessories for UK, US and Latin American music artists and producers. Soon requests were being received for limited pieces of contemporary art and collectibles, watches and cars.

  • The business quickly grew by demand and the two brothers established bases in London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai, servicing private clients across the globe - including European and Middle Eastern Royal Families, sports stars and members of prominent business dynasties, while maintaining absolute discretion and confidentiality.

  • Respect for cultural lifestyles

    With established bases over three major continents, servicing 90+ countries, Pastor & Co. is dedicated to a deep understanding and respect for cultural lifestyles. Establishing close relationships with clients to anticipate their tastes and desires in curating all that’s rare, exclusive and luxury - be it vehicles, yachts & private jets, timepieces, sneakers & apparel, fine wines & spirits, jewellery, bags & luggage or contemporary art & collectibles - the Pastor brothers are experts in luxury pieces. Pastor & Co. members are part of an exclusive group who enjoy personal attention and guidance in developing collections and investment in luxury items. Authenticity of products is our speciality; priority for personal service is our commitment.

  • SneakerPlug

    SneakerPlug are specialists in curating the most sought-after and rare sneakers, clothing and accessories, while maintaining competitive pricing through our extensive network of trusted suppliers.

  • Luxury Brands

    With 30+ years in the fashion industry, Pastor & Co. has built a strong supply line and a vast network. As passionate collectors and curators of luxury goods, we’ll fulfil any request with expertise.

  • Timepieces & Jewellery

    Pastor & Co. are passionate luxury
    timepiece curators and experts. As personal collectors we offer an honest guide to build you the perfect collection.

  • Art & Luxury Homeware

    Experienced connoisseurs of Art & Luxury Homeware. Globally connected, curating rare pieces tailored to our clients' taste, preference, and investment portfolio.

  • Interior Design

    Pastor & Co. can provide all your interior design requirements - working independently or with your designer to curate rare or exclusive luxury furniture, art, sculptures and collectibles to give your homes, work space or business landscape the perfect aesthetic whilst guiding you to wise investments.

  • Real Estate

    Pastor & Co. is your window into off market real estate, curating a range of properties from luxurious homes and boutique hotels to private islands. Navigating this fast-moving and ever-changing market can be tricky, as a member of the Pastor & Co. family you’ll receive a tailored service from our very own Company Directors.

  • Vehicles

    Pastor & Co. hold an extensive knowledge of exclusive luxury automobiles, whether vintage or new, and pride ourselves on our strong worldwide contacts in the automobile industry.

  • Private Jets

    Flying private offers the ultimate luxury. Pastor & Co. can seamlessly organize your private journey from door to tarmac, accommodating last-minute changes and delays.

  • Yachts

    Your gateway to luxury yachts, offering tailored solutions for building, purchasing, or chartering, with a reliable and extensive network in the yachting industry.

  • Fine Wines & Spirits

    Treating Fine Wines & Spirits like fine art, each bottle tells a unique story. Our expertise will guide you in finding that special vintage to add to your collection and investment portfolio.

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Pastor & Co. represent No 1and No 6 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants - Central and Maido. And collaborate to bring many other exclusive names in international hospitality to special events.

  • Sport & Entertainment

    Pastor & Co. are committed to pushing boundaries to present not only rare items but rare experiences. Bringing youthful
    ideas together with decades of
    experience from professionals in the fields of sport, music and the arts.

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    Pastor & Co. worked alongside luxury fashion ecommerce platform Farfetch in supplying private clients.

    $2k Average Order Value.

    $3.3M Revenue in 1.5 years.

    2021-2023 Farfetch's top supplier.

    Top 5 Amongst 1250 suppliers. Sold more units than Harrods.


    In 2024, Pastor & Co. signed a partnership with Ounass UAE, the Middle East’s definitive home of luxury. The partnership gives Ounass the opportunity to offer the worlds most rare and exclusive items across 10 categories, exclusively to their private clients for the very first time.

  • Royal Commission for AlUla in Saudi Arabia

    Pastor & Co. are proud to have been named as official suppliers to the Royal Commission for AlUla in Saudi Arabia. One of Arabia’s oldest cities, the ancient site of ALUla is the first in the Kingdom to be given UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Visitors to this historic and pristine desert oasis, hosting monumental landscapes, will be among the first to discover 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history and successive ancient civilisations - a place where archaeological mysteries are still being uncovered today. Work is now underway to transform AlUla into one of the world’s elite destinations for nature, culture and heritage. Pastor & Co. are privileged to be part of the evolution of AlUla and of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • TEN

    We partnered with TEN Lifestyle Group, providing personalised concierge services to major financial institutions. Including HSBC, AMEX, COUTTS and more.

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  • Vogue Business

    Pastor & Co. featured in Vogue Business in their new editorial package, The Future of Shopping, predicting how the retail landscape will be shaped over the next decade.

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  • The Telegraph

    Pastor & Co. featured in The Telegraph when long term private client and TV Personality Spencer Matthews gave a rare insight into his wardrobe and impressive sneaker & timepiece collection.

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  • Gulf News

    Pastor & Co. featured in Gulf News speaking on our journey from dropping out of school in London, to becoming one of Farfetch’s top grossing suppliers, and building a $25m business based in Dubai.

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  • Arabian Business

    Pastor & Co. featured in Arabian Business speaking on why we made Dubai our main base, and what we hope to achieve in the Gulf region.

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