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KAWS Gone Vinyl Figure Set

KAWS Gone Vinyl Figure Set

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Released September 9th 2019, the KAWS Gone Vinyl Figure Set dropped in three colours; Grey & Pink / Black & Black / Brown & Blue. An emotional depiction of loss, "GONE" shows KAWS' well-known characters COMPANION and BFF in a pose reminiscent of that seen in a classic pietá. The Figures are a small-scaled replica of the larger Figures that featured at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of Brian Donnelly's 2019 Exhibition "COMPANIONSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS". Produced by MEDICOM TOY, these Vinyl Figures features KAWS' signature "X" for eyes. Measuring 14 x 15 x 7 INCHES / 35.6 x 38.1 x 17.8 CM.

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