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KAWS Companion Resting Place "Grey"

KAWS Companion Resting Place "Grey"

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KAWS Companion Resting Place "Grey" was executed in 2013, constructed from painted aluminium. Edition of only 3, an auction composition and has never been publicly displayed. This figure is from the same Edition that has been displayed in the UK, West Yorkshire, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park,KAWS,6 February - 12 June 2016. In the USA, Texas, at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. In China, Shanghai, at Yuz Museum, Where The End Starts, 20 October 2016 - 31 July 2017. Strikingly iconic and monumental in scale, KAWS Companion Resting Place Grey slouches anthropomorphically in a moment of pensive repose a rare and particularly evocative rendition of KAWS' ubiquitous COMPANION character. One of only three life-size sculptures, the present work was created during the final season of KAWS' hugely successful brand OriginalFake, which ceased production in 2013 after a seven-year run as the artist shifted his focus towards new ventures. With its body bisected, revealing a cartoon rendering of its anatomy, KAWS Companion Resting Place Grey appears lost in thought, staring blankly into space evoking empathy, humour, as well as a meditative reflection on fragility and pathos of the human condition. With other editions of the work featured in leading institutional venues around the world, including in KAWS' 2016-2017 solo travelling exhibition WHERE THE END STARTS, KAWS Companion Resting Place Grey is a prime example from KAWS' unique practice and embodies the very best of his pervasive oeuvre. Measuring 60.47 x 62.99 x 79.92 INCHES / 153.60 x 160 x 203 CM.

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