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Louis Vuitton Maison Vivienne Monogram Multicolor

Louis Vuitton Maison Vivienne Monogram Multicolor

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Enriching the exceptional collection of Louis Vuitton's Hardsided pieces, The Malle Maison Vivienne was designed as a collection piece. Iconic Louis Vuitton Courier Lozine and Wardrobe trunks were identically reproduced in miniaturism to highlight Louis Vuitton craftmanship. The trunk contains a Monogram canvas box that was designed with dedicated storage to protect all the elements during travel. One Vivienne doll can be placed on the top of the box and fixed with a strap to isolated it from the other contents, the other can be securely placed in the box. Materials: Coated Monogram canvas, Natural cowhide leather handles, Lock closure, Brass metallic pieces, Removable hardsided box to store all the contents Sliding base that converts into a terrasse to add more space to the house, 2 small Vivienne, 22 pieces of furnitures (A mini wardrobe, 2 trunks, 4 chairs, etc). This trunk is a decorative object. Keep out of reach of children.

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