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Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Monogram

Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Monogram

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Imagined for profesional golf players as well as golf lovers, the Malle Golf perfectly combines the elegance of a historical "Wardrobe" with modernity and playfulness. SOLD WITHOUT THE CONTENT - CONTENT WILL BE INVOICED SEPARATELY.Materials: 1 Perspex monogram drawer with dedicated compartments to store golf balls and versatile compartments, 1 drawer with beautiful Monogram flower shape, 3 empty drawers in microfiber 1 empty drawer in Perspex monogram, Dedicated space to store 14 golf clubs, 1 putting mat, 18 balls, 1 flag, 2 towels, 2 golf kits with 3 balls and 4 tees each, 3 club covers.Handle: DoubleThis reference is either Made in France, Spain, Italy or in the US.

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